I’m in a train cabin, standing. 

Two elderly men in white hair came in. Two vacant reserved seats. One offered to another, ” there, there is another seat for you” and gestured towards the end of the cabin to find that fellow stranger a seat. 

A girl about her early teens came in. The lady sitting in front of me stood up and gave up her seat. The girl looked at me and smiled before proceeding to remove her dirtied bag from her back and sat down in front of me. I looked away fearing the awkwardness. Again our eyes met, she smiled again. I smiled back. She looked at the elderly lady sitting beside her. The lady smiled back and the girl said hi. They exchanged a few words before both concentrated on their phones again. 

‘ Tiong Bahru ‘

The train stopped at the station. 

This man in his late 30s tried to wheel himself onto the train. His two front wheels (which are smaller in size) got caught between the gaps. The elderly I mentioned before stood up and was going to rush forward to offer help, only to find the man successfully going over the hurdle with a tiny jump he made with his body to get the wheels out of the space. 

People gave way to him. 

I’m in a train cabin filled with people I want to help. I’m in a train cabin where people are passing and going. I’m on a journey to meet my friend for lunch, but I’m also on a journey to discover where my heart lies. A utopia story of having to offer endless guidance to people when needed.